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Why is the city of Yiwu so cheap? Introduction to perfume Technology


As we all know, Yiwu is a large low-end packaging materials market, cheap and

unimaginable, then why are their craft so cheap?      

Explain one by one:

In the quality of production: good factories are buying white glass, medium

end is the general white material glass, burning in the furnace cellar, and

then molding cooling in the mold. In Yiwu city or other lowend market are used to recast recycled waste recycling bottle. More dust, more impurities. The bottle is not good and the transparency is not good.

Therefore, to see the quality of glass bottles, perfume bottles must look at

the light bottle, once sprayed, sprayed color can not see. Especially sprayed

ad sprayed.     In the spraying: in particular, pay attention to some glass bottles, perfume bottles are dyed, not sprayed. Here explains, the spraying process of glass bottle is raw  Production line mold stuck bottle, after the staff alcohol cleaning, high-pressure blow small dust, spraying professional paint. High temperature furnace fixation. It is impossible to distinguish reality from reality       Spraying or dyeing?. But our professional manufacturers can still distinguish between drops at one glance. Wit 0!

Method 1: see if the bottle is dyed too. There is no demand for general customers, the factory will not help customers spray, but also need to increase the internal spraying process. One     A penny's worth. If the bottle you need is used to hold essential oils and perfume with alcohol, then the dye will fall into your product. What happens?       0.0    Mody chemical reaction Xiaobian do not know

Distinguish method two: use alcohol to wipe, if fade, that is dyed, because the

dye will be melted by alcohol.        In dealing with the problem of glass bottles: normal manufacturers are dealt with a word: inverted. And the low-end market is reserved, sold to other customers, the money will not receive       Again, Yiwu has even sold recycled bottles. Like our factory, we can promise that we will be responsible for any problems. No matter color difference wash       Bottle or return bottle, replenishment?. We all do our best in each order.

On the lid of a glass bottle perfume bottle: why is the lid more expensive

than the bottle?. Because ordinary plastic lids are corroded. Repeat, once out of the factory's problems, the low-end       The market will not be responsible, and our plants are covered with acrylic, acrylic plastic parts or ABS plastic UV plating cover. The number of the best quality of sarin,  Acrylic cover: second, will not be any essential oils perfume corrosion, high transparency, refraction is good, and very difficult to break. And ABS plastic UV plating cover relative      In general plastic cover, it will not be corrosion, electroplating gloss. The

price is not so expensive but sarin acrylic cover, also not much difference.

OK, the glass packing material explains for everybody here, is it up posture?.

Next time we will explain the procedures for the production of glass bottles.

Blow pressure method.      Blowing and double open, multi open mold production. Attached to our factory production video!       Pay attention to collecting our Alibaba store! The factory has a large number of molds, samples are not displayed one by one, there is a need to be able to issue the necessary perfume parameters inquiries     Customer service。 Here's our Ali store website:, spm=, remember to collect us -.-