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Development history of Dongfang Glass Co., Ltd.


Guangzhou Xingfa Oriental glass products Co. Ltd. was established in Jiangxi of Pingxiang. Formerly known as Guangzhou Jiaxing glass. Founded in 2009. We rely on a good cause for the yearning for a firm belief and persistent pursuit, starting from scratch. At the beginning of entrepreneurship, due to the constraints, encountered many unexpected


We firmly believe, do not waver, adhere to the truth-seeking, pragmatic, hard work, aggressive, and actively resolve a difficult problem. Operating in good faith, sincere cooperation, the pursuit of the perfect business purpose in perfect sympathy with each other, to win the trust of customers and market recognition. With the continuous improvement of productivity and the continuous improvement of product quality, enterprises are gradually developing and expanding. "Sincere effect, we adhere to the concept of Abide by the conduct.". Do a good job of brand packaging. Welcome new and old customers come to order.